The House Made of Bottles

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Join me in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina at La Casa de Las Botellas – the house that's giving plastic bottles a second chance. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube.

Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family believe that nothing should be disposable and everything should have a second use. His house walls are made with 1,200 recycled plastic bottles and his roof from 1,300 tetra-pack cartons. You'll also find beds made from bottles, windows built from CD cases, soda can lamp shades, curtains made of pen tops, and even purses, brooms, toys and household items made from recycled bottles and packaging!

The idea for turning bottles into homes came to him years ago when his daughter asked for a treehouse. The material to build a tree house was too expensive and the family couldn't afford it, so Alfredo got creative, and invented a process of combining old soda bottles together to form a wall foundation. He later improved upon his treehouse process to create an insulated system that's far cheaper than typical building materials, and readily available.

He now helps other builders around the world learn his process and replicate it in their own communities. He also opens his home to the public, in hopes that this idea can raise environmental awareness of the plastics issue our world is facing today and inspire others to give their bottles a second chance.

Paul and Alfredo at Casa de Las Botellas

I'm fascinated by Alfredo's work because I've seen first hand the difference having a roof over your head can make for a family. Living in a house made of bottles isn't ideal, but it's better than many alternatives, and is a solution that's available and accessible.

You can learn more about La Casa de Las Botellas and Alfredo's work via his website and Facebook page.

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La Casa de Las Botellas - Puerto Iguazú ArgentinaLa Casa de Las Botellas - Puerto Iguazú ArgentinaLa Casa de Las Botellas - Puerto Iguazú Argentina

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  1. Sheree

    Love this! What an innovative and inspiring idea 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • Paul @ Travel is Life

      Thanks Sheree – I hope to share more stories like this one in 2019 if I can find them. Thanks for watching and tweetin!

  2. Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso

    Every trash is treasure…. Thumbs up


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