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We Can Change The Future 🌎

Join me in Tena Ecuador for a Sunday morning river cleanup with Professor Andres Velez and his English class as we explore an environmental movement that’s happening all over the world.

10 Surprising Things About Tbilisi Georgia

Join us in Tbilisi, Georgia as my friend Yeye Fu and I share what we’ve learned about Tbilisi and Georgian culture during our first few weeks in the city as digital nomads.

I Gave Money To Everyone

Do you give money to people on the street? Why or why not? For one day in Tbilisi, Georgia, I gave money to every person who asked.

Hedgehog Cafe

How do you take your coffee? ☕ Cream? Sugar? How about a little HEDGEHOG? 🦔 Join Ximena Restrepo in Taipei City, Taiwan at one of the world’s first Hedgehog Cafes.

This Professor #TRASHTAGS

Meet Drew Goff – a biology professor at UNC Charlotte who is using his sphere of influence to make a difference beyond the classroom by cleaning up local creeks and rivers with his students.

Dear Friend Who Doesn’t Travel

You know those friends that you can’t get to travel with you, no matter how many times you ask? This video is for them. Who do YOU want to travel with?

Every Country is Racist

14 years ago I learned something when I traveled overseas for the first time that’s never been proven wrong. And the more I travel, the more I find this to be true.

The Traveler’s Illusion of Competition

Today’s video explores the depths of the travel industry’s Big Two – and and how comparative shopping isn’t always what it seems.

USA vs South America

To my American travelers out there, what are your favorite parts about being back in the U.S.A.? These are a few of mine that have stood out.

Eat Dinner In A Prison

Join me at a restaurant inside the San Diego Prison in The Walled City of Cartagena where the inmates are the chefs, food servers, bussers, and maitre des.

The Fruit Ladies of Cartagena

I sat down with Beatriz and Juliana to learn more about the women behind fruit and the tireless work they do putting smiles on tourists’ faces each day.

She Slept In A Spaceship

Join us in Chinatown, Singapore at the Met A Space Pod – a space capsule hostel that recreates the experience of spending the night in a spaceship!

Why Do We Travel?

Why do YOU travel? What does travel mean to you? In this short film, I explore what travel means...

The World’s Biggest Waterfalls

Join me at Iguazú Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, the biggest waterfalls in the world, and learn about these natural wonders of the world.

10 Amazing Things To Do Near Medellín

Join me in Medellín Colombia, one of my favorite cities in South America, and learn about the top 10 favorite things I’ve done in this beautiful city.