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Are you a travel blogger or vlogger looking to grow your online presence? Would you like new ways to increase traffic to your website, grow your social following, and monetize your blog? These are some of the subjects we tackle in the Travel is Life Tribe – a community of like minded travel professionals and influencers around the world. If you’re a quality-first travel blogger or vlogger with a desire to grow your online presence while simultaneously helping your fellow tribe members grow theirs – we’d love to have you join!

I’m a member of several travel blogger and overall blogger/social influencer groups, but this is the only one where I’m actually *active and involved*. That’s because it’s truly a community. The biggest difference is that the people in this tribe are not only active but generous… no one’s just in it for themselves, to see what kind of shallow engagement they can squeeze out of a group without giving anything in return. I can go to the community on the Facebook group and ask a broad strategic question or a super nerdy technical one, and get amazing (and raw/honest) feedback and help. These are smart, thoughtful people who put time and energy into helping each other, and there’s a sense of accountability and camaraderie that is unique to this tribe. The Pinterest and Tailwind groups/tribes are super helpful to me, since that’s where I get the majority of my traffic, but the Facebook group is just as much of a resource if you’re a blogger who’s always looking for ways to improve your efforts.

Jessica Fergen

One Girl Whole World

Paul has established a great community of travel bloggers that is so helpful. I’ve learned a lot from the members that has improved my website. Paul and the members are great at challenging each other to continually improve and take our sites to the next level. And it is so supportive to have a group of bloggers that get the nomadic lifestyle and just get our unique struggles in the blogging community. I highly recommend that travel bloggers join. I’m so glad that I found this group.

Kimberly DeCarrera

RV Tailgate Life

Here’s What You Get As A Member

Access to our Private Facebook Group where we talk shop about marketing, social media, traffic building, SEO, and monetization methods. Our Facebook group is small but active, and it’s moderated to keep out any spam or outside sales like you see in other groups. No question goes unanswered in our group. And to top it off, we’ve got members who work at Tailwind, Pinterest, and other companies in the group to help you get unparalleled help.

An invitation to the Best Travel Tailwind Tribe to help your travel Pins reach more Pinterest users. There’s a reason why we’re the BEST (actually there are several reasons). We’ve got rules that are a little different than other Tailwind tribes in order to keep an active tribe with a high share count ratio and diverse group of Pins to choose from. And we actively moderate the tribe to keep everyone playing by the rules – which is best for all members. All this combined with your great travel posts helps make us the BEST Travel Tailwind Tribe! A subscription to Tailwind App is required for this area of the tribe, but not required to join the Travel is Life Tribe in general.

An invite to our ✈ Travel The World Like A Pro group board on Pinterest with over 4750+ followers and counting! This is a great board to share your best pins from your travel blog. If you’re going to contribute to a group board on Pinterest, your best bet is to be a part of one like ours that’s active and where the members are vetted so that you’re not associating your Pins with spam boards.

Free Travel Blogger Success Kit which includes my Advanced SEO For Travel Bloggers Guide, Pinterest Marketing Guide, Post Publishing Checklist, 1500+ Travel Related Instagram Hashtags, 500+ Travel Related Pinterest Group Boards to join, a behind the scenes look at how to build a travel blog, and more valuable tools. Plus, as I come out with tools and resources that help me with my own blog and online presence, I release them to the tribe.

My Undying Love and Affection. I’m working hard to grow a great community and I appreciate your interest in joining! I aspire to grow this tribe beyond just Pinterest and Facebook and create something extremely valuable that helps you to grow your online presence and reach a new audience of travelers. The Travel is Life Tribe is a two year old community, and one that I am dedicated to building strong. I promise to do my best to add value to your life and travel business.

Requirements to Join

♕ Established Social Presence – You don’t need a million followers to join, but it also can’t look like this your first day online. Some longevity with your blog or video channel helps us see that you understand and respect the business of travel blogging.

Mostly Travel Posts – It’s okay to create content around a variety of topics, but the majority of your blog posts or videos need to be related to travel and it needs to be obvious that you’re a travel professional.

✎ An Active Channel – Haven’t written a new post or created a new video in six months? This is probably not the tribe for you. While there’s no rule saying how often you have to create, we would rather have a smaller group of active travel professionals than a huge group, so I take into consideration how often you publish new content.

★ Quality Writing & Production – This is certainly subjective, but I’m not judging you from an academic point of view, and you don’t need to have won any awards to join the tribe. However, I do read or watch at least 5-10 posts or videos per member who applies to ensure that we only let in quality travel content creators.

☺ PG-13 Posts – It’s okay if you’ve got a little edge to your content – so do I! But out of respect to all members, I don’t allow bloggers or vloggers into the tribe whose subject matter would be considered Adult-themed.

❤ A Desire To Help Others – The tribe is all about collaboration, reciprocal sharing, and helping each other succeed in the competitive worlds of travel blogging and vlogging. Kind, loving, and helpful souls are encouraged to join!

What Members Are Saying

This tribe is by FAR my most valuable Tailwind tribe. The 3:1 ratio would mean nothing without active moderation (thanks Paul). Due to the quality of the members, repins actually result in traffic. And I find so many great pins that it’s no problem keeping my ratio up; the tribe is the first place I go when I’m looking for fresh pins. In addition to that, Paul has a knack for putting together some truly epic resources.

Faith Coates


This tribe is by FAR my most valuable Tailwind tribe. The 3:1 ratio would mean nothing without active moderation (thanks Paul). Due to the quality of the members, repins actually result in traffic. And I find so many great pins that it’s no problem keeping my ratio up; the tribe is the first place I go when I’m looking for fresh pins. In addition to that, Paul has a knack for putting together some truly epic resources.

Steph Edwards

The Mediterranean Traveller

The tribe really is the best thanks to all the work that Paul has put into it. I love the rule of 3 repins for each share, my pins get significantly more traction in this tribe than any other. Paul does a great job of enforcing the rule and also vetting tribe members to ensure the pins in the tribe are high quality. That’s not all I get out of the tribe though. I enjoy the newsletter and the facebook group. Both have provided valuable insight that goes beyond Pinterest and has been helpful to my blog.

Anisa Alhilali

Two Traveling Texans

Tailwind is a great scheduling tool, but it only works well if you can find great content. That’s where the Travel is Life Tribe saves the day. I use it to quickly find and share great travel content, all while saving precious time to use elsewhere!

Nathaniel Hake

Travel Lemming

I definitely have gotten a lot of value out of this tribe. Since joining, my Pinterest analytics have improved a lot and that has also improved my blog analytics. I also enjoy all the great quality pins that I can add to my Pinterest boards from other travel bloggers. The 3:1 share ratio is perfect. Thank you!

Ashley Erickson

The Traveling Gals

I’m obsessed with the Travel is Life Tailwind Tribe. It’s my best performing tribe, and I’m pretty sure has helped my Pinterest traffic explode. Paul ensures that everyone submits and shares fairly. It’s awesome! 🙂

Amy Hartle

Two Drifters

Paul is someone who puts a lot of effort into Travel is Life. Both professionally and personally I’m in a lot of fb groups and I don’t know any other group that is that structured in following up on questions in the group etc. Also the fact that Paul is technical, just like me, is a big plus as I love to read how he thinks about certain technical blog aspects.

Yentl & Katrijn

Better Travel Together

Joining Travel is Life was one of the best things I’ve done for my travel blog and for my online business. I found a community of helpful and knowledgeable people brought together by a host who’s always ready to brainstorm new ideas to reach out to our readers. The Travel is Life Tailwind Tribe is by far the best performing for me – before joining it, I had no idea why people said tribes were good. This is the place to be if you want motivation to work harder, neat marketing tips, and savvy answers to your travel blogging questions.

Violeta Matei

About Travel is Life

Paul Drecksler - Founder of Travel is Life

That’s me, Paul Drecksler. Hello!

Hi travelers! I’m Paul Drecksler, the founder of Travel is Life, and I appreciate your interest in joining our community.

Our tribe currently has 650+ members and we’re growing fast – but not at the expense of quality. I personally vet every single blogger who applies by checking out their websites, reading at least 5-10 of their blog posts, watching their videos, and following their social media. This is to ensure that we’re only letting in members who produce content that you’d be happy to share, and proud to have them share yours. So thank you for allowing me 1-2 weeks to review your application and get back to you.

I also do my best to moderate our tribe in order to keep it a productive and valuable place for all of our members. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if there’s anything I can do for you, here’s how to reach me.

Happy travels wherever you are in the world!


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