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Where To Find Local Trash Cleanups

Are you looking to volunteer at a local river or trash cleanup in your city? This post shares 7 ways for you to find or host community cleanups near you.

Who Makes The Best World Globes?

A world globe is the perfect gift for travel enthusiasts to inspire travel conversations at home. Today, I show you the top globemakers in the world and showcase some of my favorite globes from their extensive collections.

Jokes For Travelers 😂

I love jokes! Nothing breaks the ice better than a great joke. These are a collection of my favorite jokes to tell other travelers.

World Leader Quiz

You should recognize the names of these national leaders from the news, but can you match each world leader to his or her country? Let’s find out!

9 Best Outdoor Picnic & Beach Blankets

Looking for a great outdoor beach or picnic blanket? I’ve done the research for you to find the top rated outdoor blankets for your next outdoor excursion!

10 Best Sulfate Free Shampoos Bars

Are you looking for the best shampoo bar that’s free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals, detergents, and fragrances? These are the best organic shampoo bars on the market.

Viral Travel Videos

I share the best viral travel videos on Facebook! Like this page to keep up. Got a video I should share? Message me and I’ll add it to the queue.

Best Travel Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles

Everyone’s got their own preferred brand of toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and body lotion – none of which we can bring on a plane with us because of the 3.4oz liquid rule (100 ml). These are the best leak proof silicone TSA Approved airplane travel bottles on the market.

What’s the best bra for traveling?

When it comes to choosing the best travel bra, everyone’s got an opinion. I looked to the experts, and here’s what they had to say on choosing the best bra for traveling.

Best Cell Phone Video Stabilizers for Shake-Free Travel Videos

Gimbal stabilizers use brushless motors to keep your smartphone steady. I’m looking for the best 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for my travel videos. This is a compilation of my research, the stabilizer I chose, and a list of best selling cell phone gimbals.

20 Legit Websites to Teach English Online

I’ve compiled a big list of companies that will hire you to teach English online from anywhere in the world. Check out these great alternatives to VIP Kid and 51 Talk.

Where do all the flowers come from?

Join me at El Cultivo Casa Loma in Santa Elena, Colombia where I discover just where exactly all those FLOWERS come from on Valentine’s Day?