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Viral Travel Videos

I share the best viral travel videos on Facebook! Like this page to keep up. Got a video I should share? Message me and I’ll add it to the queue.

Best Travel Tailwind Tribes For Pinterest Marketing

Are you looking to grow your Pinterest following and build travel boards using the Tailwind App? Would you like to join travel related Tailwind Tribes? If so, check out the Best Travel Tailwind Tribe brought to you by

1 Year Beard

In 2008, Christoph Rehage walked through China for 1 year and 4500km while letting his hair and his beard grow. Here’s what happened.

200 Day Trip

Who’s up for a 200 day trip around the world? I know I am after seeing this! Meet Kyle & Lisa who traveled to 17 countries in 200 days.

Brand New Travel is Life Website!

Talk about starting the new year 2017 with a bang! What do you think of the new Travel is Life website? Like it or love it? I rebuilt the entire website from scratch over the holidays, and I’m just getting started. Here’s what we’re beginning the new year with…