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Skyroam and Vision Global Wifi offer two simple options for international 4G data roaming in the form of a 4G hotspot devices. In my comparison guide on the Best Mobile Wifi Hotspots for Travelers, both options have proven to be very popular for travelers, so today I'm going to further breakdown and compare the two services to help you determine which is best for your needs when traveling abroad.

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DEVICES: Winner – Skyroam

Skyroam Solis vs Vision Global Wifi

Skyroam offers a mobile hotspot called the Solis, which doubles as a 6000mAh power bank, lasts more than 16 hours on a single charge, and can power up to 5 devices with Internet at once, while simultaneously charging one of them.

Vision Global Wifi offers a range of devices, some which can work as battery packs, and others which do not. I could not find any specifications about the devices themselves on their website or how to choose which devie you'd like during the ordering process.

In the device category, I'm giving the win to Skyroam for offering one solid device and clearly advertising its specifications. I'm a big fan of knowing what to expect with equipment rentals so I learn towards Skyroam's Solis device.

PRICE: Winner – Skyroam

You can BUY the Skyroam Solis device for $149.99 + shipping and pay $9/day for unlimited Internet with Skyroam, and that price includes 1 Free Day Pass. Or you can RENT a Solis for $9.95/day + shipping in both directions, which includes the device and unlimited Internet access.

Vision Global Wifi exclusively rents their hotspots and the daily fees and data allowance varies greatly by country, data package, and duration of rental. They offer unlimited Wifi plans, but not in every country. Daily fees range from $7.50 to $24.00 per day depending on the country.

In regards to pricing, I'm giving the win to Skyroam for offering a worldwide daily flat rate versus Vision Global Wifi whose rate differs by country. Additionally, Skyroam offers the ability to BUY their device versus RENT each time with Vision Global Wifi, which can save you money on shipping fees each time you use the device. (Also, don't forget that you can save an additional 10% off at Skyroam using our exclusive TRAVELISLIFE promo code at checkout.)


Hotspot devices that offer unlimited data like Skyroam and Global Vision Wifi have to abide by international data roaming agreements and Fair Use Policies, which limit the amount of 4G service a subscriber can use in a given day on unlimited plans. Both companies limit your 4G usage to 500mbs per day before reducing you to 2G/3G speeds, so in this category, it's a tie.

COVERAGE: Winner – Vision Global Wifi

Skyroam advertises that they work in 110+ countries and destinations around the world, and Vision Global Wifi advertises that they work in 200+ countries and destinations. So technically I have to give the win to Vision Global Wifi here. However, before I sway you in one direction or another based on coverage, let me ask you this… Does it really matter how many countries it works in? Or is a better question, Does it work in the specific countries where I'm ACTUALLY GOING? Because what good are additional areas if you have no intention of visiting those places?

The best thing you can do before a trip is view the coverage pages on Skyroam and Vision Global Wifi and see what their coverage is in the specific areas you'll be traveling.

OVERALL WINNER: Vision Global Wifi vs Skyroam

Based on transparency about their device, flat rate pricing, and ability to purchase the device versus rent, I'm giving the win to Skyroam. Vision Global Wifi is used and trusted by many travelers, but I find their pricing structure and product offering a bit overly complicated. When using an international hotspot device, it's understood that you'll be paying more than the local data rate in exchange for international coverage and convenience. However, with that being said, I prefer the more simpler approach to data pricing that Skyroam offers.

And there you have it! I hope this article helps you make an informed decision regarding your next international mobile hotspot and whether to go with Skyroam or Vision Global Wifi. Also, don't forget that you can save an additional 10% off at Skyroam using our exclusive TRAVELISLIFE promo code at checkout.

If you need more options, check out my post on Best 4G Hotspots For International Travelers.

Feedback/Questions? Drop a comment below. And enjoy your trip abroad!

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