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Skyroam and GeeFi have been two of the most popular choices in my comparison guide on the Best Mobile Wifi Hotspots for Travelers. So in today's post, I'm going to breakdown and compare the differences between the two services and their devices to help you decide which 4G international Wifi hotspot is best for your travel needs.

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DEVICES: Winner – GeeFi

Skyroam Solis vs GeeFi Device

The GeeFi device doubles as a power bank, lasts over 48 hours on a single charge, and can connect up to 10 devices, while simultaneously charging one of them. The Geefi is 5.7 in (length) by 3.34 in (width) by 0.61 in (depth) and weighs 0.46 lbs.

Skyroam's Solis also doubles as a 6000mAh power bank, lasts more than 16 hours on a single charge, and can power up to 5 devices with Internet at once, while simultaneously charging one of them. I don't have the exact dimensions of the Solis, but it's about the size of a fist and weighs about half a pound as well.

In the device category, the GeeFi wins with its longer battery life and ability to connect up to 10 devices versus the Solis's 5 device limit. However, I must say that in compared to other competitor's devices, both the Skyroam Solis and the GeeFi are both great picks and well ahead of the competition in terms of battery life. You may not even need the ability to connect 5 or 10 devices at a time anyway.

PRICE: Winner – Skyroam

You can BUY the Solis device for $149.99 + shipping and pay $9/day for unlimited Internet with Skyroam, and that price includes 1 Free Day Pass. Or you can RENT a Solis for $9.95/day + shipping in both directions, which includes the device and unlimited Internet access.

The GeeFi device costs $199 (free shipping) and their unlimited Internet pass costs $9.99/day, which you can activate and deactivate as needed. They do not currently offer a rental program.

Skyroam wins in the price category, with a device that costs $50 less than the Geefi to purchase, unlimited Internet that costs $1/day less than GeeFi, and for offering an option to rent. Also, don't forget that you can save an additional 10% off at Skyroam using our exclusive TRAVELISLIFE promo code at checkout.

Note about RENTING vs BUYING… Due to the cost of shipping, if you plan on using your Skyroam on more than 2-3 trips, it's recommended that you BUY a device instead of RENT it. The difference in service is only a $1 per day to rent versus buy, but the cost of shipping the device in both directions starts to add up quickly.


Hotspot devices like Skyroam and GeeFi have to abide by international data roaming agreements, which limit the amount of 4G service a subscriber can use in a given day on unlimited plans. Skyroam limits your 4G usage to 500mbs per day before reducing you to 2G/3G speeds (or about 256kbs), and GeeFi limits you to 500mbs or 1GB depending on the country.

Since these types of limits are outside of the control of Skyroam and GeeFi, who don't own their own towers and instead operate through international roaming agreements with other providers, I issue a tie in this category.


GeeFi and Skyroam both advertise that they work in 100+ countries and offer similar coverage areas. The actual coverage you'll receive heavily relies on the specific countries or areas that you'll be traveling, so the best thing you can do is view the coverage pages on the individual websites for Skyroam and GeeFi to ensure that the service will meet your needs on your trip.

OVERALL WINNER: Skyroam vs GeeFi

Skyroam wins in the Price category for it's less expensive device and Internet service. GeeFi wins in the Device category for its extended battery life and ability to connect up to 10 devices. And it's a tie in the Coverage and 4G Data Capping categories. Since there is no clear cut winner overall, I would base my decision on asking myself these questions.

Do I only need to use this device on ONE trip? If so, I'd go with Skyroam since they offer a rental program which includes the device and service for $9.95/day. That way you don't have to dish out $149 or $199 upfront to buy a device. (And don't forget to use our promo code TRAVELISLIFE to save 10% off your rental or purchase price.)

Do I need to connect more than 5 devices at once? If so, go with GeeFi since they allow you to connect up to 10 wireless devices.

Otherwise, trust your gut and/or go with what you can afford, as both services will most likely satisfy your needs for an international hotspot.

And there you have it! I hope this article helps you make an informed decision regarding your next international mobile hotspot and whether to go with Skyroam or GeeFi.

If you're looking for even more options, see my article on Best 4G Hotspots for International Travelers

Feedback/Questions? Drop a comment below. And enjoy your trip abroad!


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