Tiny Travel Motion Sensor Alarm

Remember the last time you clutched your arms securely around your bag and took a nap at the airport? I do.. it was 3 weeks ago in the Medellin airport, catching a nap as I waited 4 hours for the bus system to start for the day. Whenever I sleep in random places, I always wonder if I'll be able to feel if someone starts messing with my belongings. The GuardPeanut by Sen.se aims to give you some peace of mind by detecting motion and sounding the alarm as soon as your things are moved when they shouldn’t be. The tiny motion detectors connect via Bluetooth to your cellphone where you can control the settings and type of alarm from their app. Attach a GuardPeanut to your bag, the door in your hostel, your bike, or anything else that you'd like to be notified when moved so that you can rest in peace.. err.. I mean.. you know what I mean.

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