Rapid Inflating Outdoor Mattress

You might remember Ryan Frayne and his Windcatcher appearing on Season 7: Episode 4 of Shark Tank in 2015 and striking a deal with Lori Greiner for 5% of his company. As it goes with many offers on Shark Tank, the deal eventually fizzled out and Frayne was left on his own, but he was able to continue building his company with a ton of newfound publicity as a result of the show. Unfortunately, later that year after the show aired, Frayne discovered that he had terminal pancreatic and liver cancer. Despite the tragic news, he continued to build his company and his legacy.

He was quoted by Inc Magazine as saying, “If I am going to pass away, at least I can leave something behind. Maybe a cool invention that many people can use for years to come. I'd be happy knowing that.”

In the meantime, Frayne is still innovating, most recently with his Windcatcher AirPad 2 – the second edition of his original model – a durable outdoor bed that inflates and deflates in seconds without you having to put your mouth on a dirty valve.

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