Hey it's Paul with Travel is Life. Thanks for your interest in writing for my publication. I'd love to publish you here. I've created this page to answer any questions you may have about guest blogging for Travel is Life. If you have any questions that I haven't answered on this page, please message me via the contact form or e-mail [email protected]

May I submit a guest blog post to TravelisLife.org?

Absolutely! I invite all travel bloggers, brand owners, and travel industry professionals to share their stories and expertise through this publication. The online travel community is just like the real world travel community in that collaboration makes everything better for everyone. Now is a great time to contribute to the blog since we're still a relatively new publication. Many new travelers will be visiting this year and I'm actively growing the Travel is Life community.

What are the requirements for guest blogging on your site?

1) First and foremost, you must provide VALUE to my readers. This can come in many forms, which I'll provide examples of below. A guest blog post submission is NOT an advertisement. If you're interested in advertising on this site, contact me and I'll inform you of the advertising options at Travel is Life. I'd love to have you as an advertiser, just not necessarily on the blog.

2) Written in English. As of now I'm only accepting guest submissions written in English, but stay tuned because that may change in the future.

3) Proofread and grammatically correct writing. Take the time to proofread and edit your post before submitting it here. No-one's perfect, and I make mistakes too, but if it's obvious that you're submitting a first draft, it's not going to make it onto the site.

4) Quality original content that tells a story, teaches a lesson, or provides value to my readers in a way that isn't easily found online. I'm after quality submissions. If you've ever heard the expression “quality over quantity” — it definitely applies here.

5) Minimum 1000 words, but preferably more than 2500 words. You're an all star writer and welcome back anytime if you can output quality posts 2500 words or more! While I do make exceptions to this rule for valuable shorter posts (feel free to submit), in general Travel is Life caters to longer posts that my readers can spend time enjoying and/or learning from.

6) Simple HTML formatting and hierarchy. The best blog posts are formatted in a way that's easy to read, navigate, and scroll through to find information quickly. This means your post title will be the only h1 tag and your subsections can be divided into h2 and h3. Please limit your other formatting tags to strong, italics, unordered lists, numbered lists, blockquotes, href links, and img. No divs, spans, or custom code because it's important that all posts conform to a standard visual layout that displays well on all devices. Is that confusing to you? Don't worry about it! I'll help you format your posts correctly if it's clear that you've done your best to organize and prepare your content.

7) At least one image. Having more than one image is not required for your guest post, but you'll need to submit at least one original high resolution image to be used as the featured image. If you don't have one, I can help obtain a relevant image for your post.

8) An exciting and enticing introduction. In addition to your post, I ask that you write a short introduction to your blog post that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further.

9) More than 1 year of consistent blogging. Let's be honest – a lot of people start travel blogs or social profiles, post like crazy for a few months, and then never update again. I'm only interested in featuring content from established travel authorities because in the long run, that will be best for my readers, writers, and the Travel is Life Community.

Not quite there yet? No worries – keep on traveling, writing, and doing what you do best! I'd love to feature you in the future when you're able to meet these requirements. Exceptions are made, especially for folks with an established online presence who are just starting up a new travel related blog or business. E-mail [email protected] and let's talk.

10) Post publish engagement. After your post is published, readers are going to want to comment and engage with you. It's expected that you subscribe to the comments for your post and actively engage with your readers or answer any questions they have about what you wrote. Easy enough right? Most likely you'll be excited to engage with this new and active audience.

May I publish the guest post on my blog too?

No, I do not allow you to republish the blog post you write for Travel is Life anywhere else. All submitted posts must be original content that is written specifically for Travel is Life. This means no moving paragraphs around and regurgitating old blog posts, and no re-posting the article anywhere else after it's published here, including on your own site. I monitor this with special software that detects if the content is plagiarized, duplicated, or published elsewhere on the web. I am STRICT about not having duplicate content on this website. I encourage you, however, to write a brief description of the article you write for Travel is Life and then link to the original post on TravelisLife.org from your website or social media.

What should I write about?

Great question! I'd love to post your travel stories, anecdotes, and lessons about traveling. There is a lot we can learn from each others experiences. Plus, travel stories are fun to read! I also encourage you to write posts relating to the specific areas you travel since you are the local expert. Other examples of posts include:

  • 10 Things To Know About Traveling _____
  • Your travel story – how you got started
  • Things you've learned from your travels
  • How to _____ while traveling the world
  • 18 Must See Places in _____
  • Crash Course on Traveling to _____
  • The best/worst/scariest/etc thing to ever happen to you traveling

If you're interested in submitting multiple blog posts or contributing regularly, I will help you brainstorm some interesting topics to write about. As a writer though, I'm sure you're no stranger to thinking of blog post topics. I'd love to hear your ideas too.

Do I get paid for my post?

At the moment, I do not pay for guest posts. However, I'm pretty good at SEO (been doing it for a living for 13 years). I actively work to rank this website and will work hard to rank your article on search engines. I'll also cross-promote your website or blog on my site and social profiles.

I certainly wish I could pay you and would love to be able to afford to pay guest writers in the future, but unfortunately it's not in the budget right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any free contributions for the time being.

Where do I include a link to my blog or website?

Links to your blog or website will appear in your About the Traveler section next to or below your blog post. This section will have your name, photo (headshot), URL, and a 160 character mini-bio. You can also include links to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles if you'd like.

How do I submit a guest blog post?

E-mail your guest posts to [email protected] along with a short bio and links to your social profiles and website. If this is your second submission, you can skip the bio since I already have that info from your previous post.

What happens after I submit a guest blog post?

I will review the post and contact you if any additional information is required to publish your post. I will let you know when your blog post is scheduled for publication and e-mail you a link to the URL the day it is published. I'll also share it across our social channels and potentially our e-mail newsletter.

May I submit more than one guest blog post?

Yes, I'd love for you to submit multiple guest posts. I may space them out though in order to maximize your exposure on the site.

Do you edit my guest blog post?

I will do a couple rounds of review to catch any potential spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. I also may edit the formatting slightly to adhere to a consistent layout across all our posts. Lastly, on occasion I may alter your title to create something more exciting or enticing to read. However, with those few exceptions, I will generally leave your blog post as-is.

Who owns the copyright to my blog post?

By submitting your guest blog post, you're giving Travel is Life exclusive ownership, copyright, and publication/syndication rights. This means that your post cannot be published anywhere else including your own site.

How do I get started?

Great! Now that all the technical details are out of the way, let's get started publishing your original content to Travel is Life. E-mail your guest post submission or your questions to [email protected].