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Kris in Asheville, NC

Could not have done something like this without you. A trip to Peru with you made me much more confidant that I can find my place around the world and get by.

Erica in Boracay

Traveling changes you because of the amazing people you meet. Anywhere you find yourself whether you’re on top of a mountain, right smack in the middle of a rainforest or on the shores of a beautiful island, you’ll find atleast one soul and you would find yourself surprised over and over again how random strangers can end up becoming good friends. Cheers to more adventures and more traveling. Thanks for being my catalyst. Your adventures inspire me to take on my own! #beach #travelislife

Bern in Philippines

It was really great meeting Paul in Boracay. Met this guy over this travel online platform, then we were 4 in the group, then out of nowhere partied the night away to 10 fellow travelers! Plus all of us doesn’t really know each other at all!! Nonetheless, Paul’ stories are inspiring, and something that would really kick you up a bit of doing something, especially when traveling, and that’s making the best out if it! ‘Til next time man! Cheers. ?

Adri in Costa Rica

Thanks for inspiring adventure and connecting me with other travelers… hope we meet again in another journey ?

Heidi D in South Florida

You’re the coolest guy I know and an inspirational human being! I love keeping up with your adventures and watching your lifestyle brand spread across the world! May all of your greatest dreams and heart’s desires continue coming true! I’m beyond blessed to have you as my brother!

< < > >


Love you!! ♡

Karen in Cuenca- Ecuador

Here’s to hoping that one day I’ll be as cool as Paul who gets to travel a lot and to many different places.

Suzanna M White in Kentucky

I try to make every single day an adventure, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I love that Travel is Life can help inspire & motivate me! Paul, you’re one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met and I look forward to seeing Travel is Live continue to grow!

Tanya in Brisbane

Hi Fellow Travellers!

Honoured to check in here – off to the Gold Coast to explore some great beaches! Loving your adventures and hope to catch up sometime when we’re in the same city! ?


Brian in Medellin

Hey man, was nice to meet you in Montanita! Your page looks really awesome! I really like it. Also like how you implemented the shop! thumbs up! I’m heading to Panama in few days. Let me know if you are once in Central America. It would be nice to meet and share some travel and web experience. Keep up the good work!

Saludos Brian

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