Aaaaand…. Action!

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The Fruit Ladies of Cartagena

I sat down with Beatriz and Juliana to learn more about the women behind fruit and the tireless work they do putting smiles on tourists' faces each day.

She Slept In A Spaceship

Join us in Chinatown, Singapore at the Met A Space Pod – a space capsule hostel that recreates the experience of spending the night in a spaceship!

Why Do We Travel?

Why do YOU travel? What does travel mean to you? In this short film, I explore what travel means to me and why I choose to live this lifestyle. Written in verse through the eyes of a long time traveler. You can also watch and share this video on Facebook and YouTube....

The World's Biggest Waterfalls

Join me at IguazĂș Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, the biggest waterfalls in the world, and learn about these natural wonders of the world.